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Never Stop Moving || Never Stop Believing 




Functional Movement with Sustainable Growth 



Certified yoga instructor, Muay Thai Kickboxing practitioner with competition experience, Endurance Runner, High Intensity Conditioning (HIC) and certified fitness coach! My experience spans over a decade and it has completely transformed my physical appearance and mindset. My mission is to share this passion with anyone who seeks growth. My people are safely mentored in a space where they feel supported in sustaining growth. I provide a multitude of workouts and evolutions that promote strength, aerobic conditioning, and most important mobility. My only ask is that mentees commit to success and belief in the ability to make positive, long-lasting change. 

¨I worked with Scrutch over the span of four months and within that time frame, he empowered me to reach goals I thought I´d never achieve. He helped me set clear goals for the program and was also flexible each week when I wanted to focus on something in particular. He approaches each session with enthusiasm and eagerness to support. He also has the ability to make anyting fun! I cannot recommend him enough. 10/10 - willwork with him again.¨

Julia Stenson Portland Oregon 



Services are offered as stand alone training programs, or can be paired and integrated.


Individual or Small GroupYoga

Power Vinyasa, to build strength and mobility. Gentle Vinyasa in order to sustain and recover, or Restorative Yoga for lengthening. Each is offered on a individual, and/or in small group/corporate scenario. Program can be scheduled as you see fit.


Certified Personal // Small Group Fitness Coaching

Integrate a full fitness program where I work to design a plan that includes Yoga, Strengthening, High Intensity Conditioning and Aerobic training. Programs start a minimum of eight weeks commission.


Companion Running

Sometimes you need a coach that simply says, "Do what I do!" That is what the companion running service will do. I'll meet you on any block, trail, or surface and companion run with you as you train for your next event.  Rain, snow, or shine! Eight to Sixteen weeks commitment; spot limited.


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1-on-1, or partner guided Kickboxing

Utilize my training and competition experience to support individuals, couples or a pair in basic kickboxing. Includes instruction in pad and bag work + light timing. 


1-on-1 or group arm balance and handstand I (Basic Handstand) 


Guiding individuals or groups toward the infamous handstand. Utilized by calisthenics and yoga practitioners. Work shops include mobility, strengthening and compressions drills and include a specially designed curriculum which will be shared with students!  


Discounts for educators, civil servants, veterans and other frontline workers!!

Please inquire via email!

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